Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Day Late and a Finger Short!

The Kitchn posted an article recently entitled: "How to Keep all your Fingers Intact During Root Vegetable Season." Sadly, it was too late for me. I sliced my thumb cutting an acorn squash on Sunday. It wasn't a bad slice (as in I didn't need stiches) but it did bleed through my first band aid. 

My boy, former boyscout that he is, pulled out the gauze and first aid tape. He started to bandage my thumb but he wasn't making it tight enough. 

Submissive, lovely woman that I am I started complaining: "It's not tight enough!! It's going to fall off!" My boy continued to work on the bandage (by which I mean my thumb was no longer in it and he was still trying to tape the bandage). I became more shrill, "Didn't you get a badge in first aid?!?! I think your badge should be REVOKED!!"

My boy calmly tried again as I still insisted it was not tight enough. "I don't understand how you got the badge! What did you practice on a dummy?!?!"

My boy calmle responded: "I am right now."